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Spectra Orchids

Located near Benson Town, Bangalore; Spectra Orchids is an elegant, luxurious and carefully crafted premium residential complex. Spectra Orchids was designed to co-exist among the timeless colonial architecture that Benson Town has to offer. It stands in a pleasant, green and tranquil environment while being surrounded in its peripheries by modern day conveniences. Perfect for those who want to experience the true charm of the city.


Rediscover the Charm

of Benson Town


Spectra Orchids has its ethos is the minimalistic approach to design that has its focus on detail & craftsmanship and the use of premium long lasting materials.

Each residence is consciously planned to be unique. The character of each home is also expressed in the façade of the project. 

The proportions of each of the units and their changing volumes create shifting geometries that introduce a remarkable balance in closed and open spaces. The common areas in this respect also serve as an extension of the spaces.

Moving into Spectra Orchids resulted in going back in time to an era when life was a little bit more relaxed and easy.

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Spectra Orchids

Benson Town


Edgar Demello Architects

"Minimalistic approach to design that focuses on detail & craftsmanship.

Edgar Demello Architects | EDA


"Unpretentious and Consciously Unique.

Project Gallery

"Luxurious in every which way.


"Experience the true charm of the city

Benson Town | Bangalore

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